Postdoctoral Fellowships

If you are interested in working on a postdoc in philosophy at UCLouvain, we are always excited to hear from you! You’ll be joining a vibrant community in our Center for the Philosophy of Science and Society (CEFISES): three permanent faculty, two emeritus faculty, and a number of postdoctoral fellows, doctoral students, and master’s students. If you work on any topic that falls within the general scope of my work, or the broad intersection of the work of our various faculty members (which includes the philosophy of physics, general epistemology, metaphysics of science, logic, scientific reasoning and explanation, philosophy of mind, and more), we would be glad to consider your application.

Grant Programs

There are many sources of funding for postdoctoral research. The following are permanent programs that allow a scholar to bring their own project with them, if supported by the faculty of CEFISES during our internal review process.

Finally, I often apply for postdoctoral positions as a part of other grant applications for specific projects, which will be listed below.

All these fellowships are quite well funded, and UCLouvain is a convivial, active, exciting place to work. For more information on CEFISES, visit the center’s website. If you’re interested in applying, please send me an e-mail!

A Bit on Practicalities

Our staff and faculty live in a wide variety of areas, including in Louvain-la-Neuve itself, several surrounding villages in the Wallonian countryside, or in Brussels, which is a beautiful, multicultural European center. The quality of Belgian education is generally quite high (and optional public education begins from the age of 2½), and Belgium tends to be exceptionally child- and pet-friendly. If you have questions about what life would be like as a postdoctoral fellow, feel free to send me a message, and I will do my best to either answer or get information from someone who can!

Postdoc Positions

All project-based positions that open in the lab (as opposed to the standing calls for FSR and FNRS postdocs) will be advertised here on the website, as well as the usual channels (such as PHILOS-L, PHILOS-NL, and philJobs).

Current Openings

none at the moment – watch this space

Past Openings

The UCLouvain campus [EmDee, Wikimedia Commons]