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Ph.D. Study

The lab is always in search of more doctoral students! I am able to supervise dissertation projects in the core areas of the lab: the philosophy of biology, history and philosophy of science with a strong biological focus, digital humanities and philosophy, or ethics of technology (particularly the ethics of war). More remote topics are possible, but would depend on an alignment of interests and the availability of other faculty and resources at UCLouvain.

For students coming from North America, it is important to stress that doctoral funding does not work in the way it does in American universities. Funding is per-project, and usually comes from external granting agencies, not the graduate school of the university. There will thus be calls for doctoral positions here, as often as I am able to successfully obtain graduate funding.

Grant Programs

There are permanent programs that allow you to obtain your own funding, and to customize your project in consultation with me. If you meet the conditions of any of the grants below, please get in touch!

  • Each year, we can apply for exactly one grant via the internal research fund known as FSR, although these proposals from our group have been extremely unsuccessful.
  • If you are a Belgian student who has completed, or will complete this year, an M120 master, it is possible for you to apply for an FNRS FRESH – Fonds pour la recherche en sciences humaines grant.
  • If you are a Canadian student who wants to work on ethics of technology or environmental ethics, it is possible for you to apply for a grant from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

Doctoral Positions

All positions that open in the lab will be advertised here on the website, as well as the usual channels (such as PHILOS-L, PHILOS-NL, and philJobs).

Current Openings

none at the moment – watch this space

The UCLouvain campus [EmDee, Wikimedia Commons]