FSR Postdoctoral Fellowships, 2020

Every year, UCLouvain opens an internal competition for postdoctoral fellowships funded by the “Fonds speciaux de recherche” (FSR). For 2020, there will be 10 two-year postdocs awarded across the university; in philosophy we have a fairly good track record, winning one every few years or so. These postdocs are open to you if:

  • You have not lived, worked, or studied in Belgium for more than 24 months out of the last 3 years prior to January 1, 2021
  • You agree to apply for the FNRS’s postdoctoral appeal (using a version of the same application), which will close in January, 2021 (we’ll help you with the file, of course)
  • You hold a PhD that was awarded no earlier than 5 years before the closing date for the FNRS postdoctoral fellowships (which would render you ineligible for them); hence, you received your PhD after roughly January, 2016

Each promoter is allowed to select one application to present, which will be evaluated by the UCLouvain Research Council. Our center, CEFISES, receives all expressions of interest, evaluates them as a group, and selects the three (or fewer) candidates we will support for the year.

The final dossier will be due on October 1, 2020, and will consist of a fairly short application form and a few recommendation letters. In order to allow us time to evaluate candidates as a center, and to allow you time to prepare a quality application, expressions of interest must be sent to me by August 15, 2020.

If you are interested, please send:

  • A standard academic CV
  • A short (maximum 2pp) description of the research project that you would like to pursue

to me (charles@charlespence.net) by August 15.